Digital Graphic designer • Scientific Illustrator
Cardiophy Flyers

role: Graphic designer, Illustrator

context: Marketing — BioSerenity

date: Summer & Fall 2020

Cardiophy is a service of BioSerenity, specialized in Cardiology, that let healthcare professionals (doctors, technicians, nurses) take care of patient's heart monitoring remotely. BioSerenity provides smart Holter monitors to record the patient's heart activity up to 14 days.

As an onboarding on the Cardiophy service, patients were given leaflets with all the necessary information to take care of their provided device: how to use the device, what to do and not to do when using the device, when should they change the patch in contact of the skin as well as when should they recharge the recorder.

The 3 leaflet were made with adaptability in mind: the different types of patches were selected to accomodate all types of patient.

cardiophy flyers cover cardiophy T+Boomerang Flyer cardiophy T+Boomerang Flyer cardiophy flyers cover cardiophy flyers cover cardiophy flyers cover cardiophy flyers cover