Digital Graphic designer • Scientific Illustrator
Covid19 Solutions Brochure

role: Graphic designer

context: Marketing — BioSerenity

date: Spring/Summer 2020

On March 16th 2020, France decided to put a national lockdown on the country, due to the Covid19 pandemic that was growing worldwide. BioSerenity's activities slowed down, as healthcare professionals were requisitioned in intensive care unit to help dealing with the large amount of patient.

Using its textile expertise to good use during this first national lockdown, BioSerenity decided to start making face masks and providing businesses with tools of protection against the virus.

I was asked to work on a 30 page long catalog explained BioSerenity's approach during the first time of this pandemic, its solutions and its products.

covid19 brochure covid19 brochure covid19 brochure covid19 brochure