Digital Graphic designer • Scientific Illustrator
Workshop Lumière

role : motion designer, webdesigner

context : internship assignment

date : summer 2015

In winter 2015, a partnership was made between the Musée des Arts et Métiers and three post-graduates classes of École Estienne (Scientific Illustration, Arts and Techniques ofVisual Communication and Typographic Design).

In 10 groups, the students worked with each others to create a digital installation on the scientific topic of Light, with the help of physicist Julien Bobroff.

During my summer internship, I designed and produce all of the short films presenting and explaining each of the 10 students groups’ projects, as well as conceptualize and design the website which displayed all of the projects.

Click here to check the final website.

You can find the animations and the student's films here.

lumiere-1 lumiere-1lumiere-1